The Goosepill Gang


The Goosepill Gang

Join Marmaduke, Scrag, Ollie and Karanagins as they take on the evil rats Tar & Tan in "The GoosePill Gang - Blue Bottle Mystery".

"The Goospill Gang - Blue Bottle Mystery was written as a bed time story which involved all four of my children as the main characters. It never once failed to have them wide eyed and pulling the blankets up under their noses when we got to the scary bits. It also sent them off to sleep without fail and they always begged for more the following night"

"The Goosepill Gang – The Blue Bottle Mystery" written and illustrated by Peter Davies, a great read for children 7 - 12 years old.

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Blue Bottle Mystery

The childrens book "The Goosepill Gang - Blue Bottle Mystery" is a story about a scarecrow called Scrag, a mouse called Marmaduke and their adventures with friends Ollie and Karanagins. The Blue Bottle Mystery starts with a terrible fight between two rats Tar and Tan ,,, read more - Click Here

ISBN: 978-184426-784-2

Our Price: £8:99

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