The Goosepill Gang


.........Peter Davies

Peter Davies is the author and Illustrator of 'The Goosepill Gang - Blue Bottle Mystery' .

When his four children Victoria, Oliver, Angharad and Bethan were young he made up bedtime stories which were based on them being the four main characters in the book, Scrag, Marmaduke, Ollie and Karanagins. As the tales developed they became intertwined with places and characters from the authors own childhood - The Goosepill Gang was born - The Blue Bottle Mystery followed... the rest as they say is history.

Blue Bottle Mystery

The Goosepill Gang - Blue Bottle Mystery was written on scraps of note paper during the late 1980's, with all the illustrations hand drawn and painted from a combination of characters from his own four children and others from his childhood. Goosepill Wood, the surrounding lake and gasworks still exist today, sadly the farm where owl lived and the docks are long gone.

The book was self published in December 2009 as a Christmas gift to the authors four grown up children. Urged by them to share the book with the world this website is the result. The ultimate goal is to make the book into an animated film.


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