The Goosepill Gang

Tar & Tan

Tan was born and bred in Goosepill within the confines of the Goosepill Chicken Farm which was the base for all Goosepill brown rats. The soft warm earth from the chicken droppings provided excellent ground to tunnel into and with over a hundred chicken houses the brown rat population thrived, plenty of eggs and chicks to steal and eat and very warm in the winter. Tan had inherited this empire from his father and he had quickly developed a reputation like his father before him for being cruel and nasty, his reputation amongst his own clan was ledgendary and no one crossed him. The brown rats terrorised the whole of Goosepill Wood and the surrounding dwellings and neighbouring farms, at every opportunity, mostly working at night they would plan raids and steal whatever they could lay their hands hands on. Tan also used Goosepill lake to travel quickly around the area.

The brown rats usually slept for most of the day giving Goosepill folk and the animal population time to go about their business, everyone however made sure they were indoors before nightfall. Tan rarely ventured as far as the docks because he knew that the only folk brave enough to take him and his fellow rats on where the docker cats, there was bad history between these two groups which stretched back many years.

Tar was the king black rat and an equally nasty piece of work with a ferocious temper, he was as sly as a fox, with a legendary reputation for lying and cheating in everything that he did. Tar had arrived as a stowaway on one of the fishing boats that visited the docks to unload their fish, it had taken many years for Tar to establish himself but his own clan was now reaching a similar size to his rival Tan. Tar had his own hideout deep below the Old Gasworks, this was chosen mainly because the boiler houses which kept the buildings warm were based in the cellars of this grand old building. The black rats mainly ventured into the docks to plunder and steal from the fish markets and anything else that they could lay their hands on from the many boats that used the docks, like Tan however Tar was equally wary of the docker cats and there where increasing skirmishes between the two groups.

Of more concern to Tar was the pitched battle he and his clan had recently had with Tan over local territory, the battle had seen many on both sides injured and maimed. An uneasy peace existed between the black and the brown rat clans, they didn't trust one another and this situation was due to get far worse following the news of the discovery of a strange blue bottle.

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